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Are you looking for dependable and reasonably priced pickup rental Dubai services? This is the place where your search stops! Haulier Transport is the place to go if you’re looking for premium truck rental options tailored to your needs. We have a fleet of pickup trucks in Dubai that you may use for business projects, relocation, and product transportation.

Why Choose Haulier Transport?

Best #1 monthly Pickup truck rental in dubai

We at Haulier Transport understand the value of a smooth travel encounter. As Dubai’s top pickup rental business, we stand out for our dedication to quality, dependability, and price. Now let’s examine why Haulier Transport ought to be your top option:

24/7 Emergency Pickup truck rental Service


25 +

Years of Experience

Pick Up Truck Rental Dubai Movers In UAE

Affordable Truck Services in Dubai

Large Fleet: 


Our fleet has a wide range of pickup trucks, each appropriate for a distinct need. From sturdy trucks to little pickups, we offer the ideal car to meet your demands.



Our goal is to offer economical solutions without sacrificing quality. Because of our affordable truck rental rates, which ensure you get the most for your money, Haulier Transport is the company to choose when looking for an affordable truck hire in Dubai.

Pickup Rental Dubai


While organizing a project or a transfer can be difficult, working with Haulier Transport guarantees a hassle-free outcome. With the help of our convenient booking system and adaptable rental choices, you may get the ideal car at the ideal moment.



We put your satisfaction first. You can rely on Haulier Transport to deliver your items promptly and safely because our well-maintained fleet and skilled drivers ensure dependable and secure travel for your cargo.

WHAT We Offer in Pickup Rental Service in Dubai

1 Ton Pickup Truck Rental

3 Ton Pickup Truck Rental

7 Ton Pickup Truck Rental

10 Ton Pickup Truck Rental

4O ft Trailer

Cargo Van for Rent

Chiller Van Rental

Refrigerated truck rental

Our Services:

Pickup Rental Dubai:

Our main priority is offering the best pickup rental services in Dubai. Haulier Transport can provide you with a large truck for your business or a little pickup for your personal use.

Truck Rental Dubai:

Are you trying to rent a truck in Dubai? There’s nowhere else to look. Trucks of all sizes in our fleet can be used for various transportation purposes. We have the ideal truck for you, whether you’re shipping big or small.

Pick Up for Rent Near Me:

We know convenience is essential, so we’ve carefully planned our pickup locations to make locating a Haulier Transport car close to you as simple as possible. There has always been a challenging way to rent a truck.

Dubai Truck:

Haulier Transport is a reputable name in truck rentals in Dubai, and they take great delight in that. We’ve become a dependable partner for people and businesses because of our dedication to providing the best possible service.

Cheap Truck Rental Near Me:

Haulier Transport recognizes the value of being reasonably priced. Our “Cheap Truck Rental Near Me” service guarantees you will pay less for a dependable car. Our commitment to unambiguous pricing means you can budget for your transportation needs without worrying about unforeseen costs.

Pickup Truck Dubai:

Are you searching for a pickup vehicle in Dubai? Our fleet consists of up-to-date, meticulously maintained cars tailored to our esteemed clients’ demands. Our pickup trucks are the best option for convenient and effective travel, whether through urban areas or out into the country.

Pickup Truck Rental Dubai:

Are you considering renting a pickup vehicle in Dubai? Haulier Transport provides a hassle-free rental experience, allowing you to select the ideal car. We provide our esteemed clients freedom by offering short- and long-term pickup truck rental services. 

Pick Up Dubai:

Select our “Pickup Rental Dubai” service for hassle-free and practical transportation. Our pickups can transport a range of cargo sizes to be used for deliveries for businesses and personal purposes. Savor the convenience of picking up the car of your choice at a handy location. 


Client Feedback & Reviews

This is a very good company They work very well I really like their work. So i,'m giving them 5 stars

Martina Bianchi Worker

Excellent Experience with this Company. *Available On time *Good Behavior *Well Mannered Guys.

Luigi Russo Worker

Company is operating in a well mannered way. Love the experience.

Chiara Esposito Worker

Nice behave, fabulous shipping delivered on time that's why I give 5 stars

Paolo Conti Worker

How to Rent a Pickup in Dubai with Haulier Transport

Check Out Our Website:

Browse our fleet on our easy-to-use website to locate the perfect truck or pickup for your needs.

Choose Your Car:

Pick a pickup or truck from our wide selection, taking into account the size and features that best suit your requirements.

Book Online:

Reserve the car of your choice by using our easy online booking system. Complete the booking procedure by entering your information and choosing the rental period.


All relevant information, including the rental agreement, pickup location, and contact details, will be sent to you once your reservation is confirmed.

Enjoy the Ride:

You can unwind knowing that your chosen pickup or truck is well-maintained and ready for the trip when you work with Haulier Transport. Our experienced drivers guarantee a seamless and safe travel experience.

Let’s get the Pickup Truck Rental with Driver: A Convenient Option

Why Haulier Transport Stands Out

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we frequently hear good things from our clients. We strive to exceed your expectations because we appreciate your confidence.


We provide flexible rental alternatives in recognition of various transportation demands. Our flexible rental packages meet your demands, whether you need a truck for a long haul or a pickup for a few hours.

24/7 Customer Care:

We have a committed staff of customer care representatives available to help you at all times. Please don’t hesitate to contact with us at any time if you have any questions, require help making a reservation, or experience any problems while renting.   

Safety First:

Our first focus is keeping you safe. Our cars undergo routine maintenance inspections to ensure they fulfil the most significant safety standards. You and your cargo will travel safely thanks to our skilled and knowledgeable drivers, who are also prepared to handle various road conditions. 

Corporate Solutions:

Personalized options are offered to companies with regular transportation requirements. We are the go-to alternative for businesses looking for dependable and expert transportation services since our corporate packages provide economical and practical solutions. 

Contact Haulier Transport Today!

Whether relocating, transporting goods, or needing a reliable truck for your business, Haulier Transport is ready to meet your requirements. Please trust us for the most significant pickup rental Dubai and benefit from a hassle-free, affordable travel option.

Ready to book your pick up or truck? Visit our website or contact our customer service team for personalized assistance. Your journey, our commitment!

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